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Allegiant Airlines Reviews

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  • Beware of Allegant Airlines!

    I'm a seasoned traveler and I decided to try Allegiant. Worst travel mistake I ever made. I booked a flight for my wife and I to Orlando. Our plans changed and I need to cancel the flight. I was charged $350 to cancel a $750 purchase. I was sent a $400 travel voucher for the remaining balance. Since I never plan to fly Allegiant after my experience with their customer service, I'm out the total cost of $750. No one should book a flight on this airline! More...
    consult's Picture   consult    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Fly Allegiant

    My daughter is 17 fly's at least 80 times. Last night she flew this air line. She was handed her ticket back by the flight attendant who then push her hand roughly causing a paper cut. My daughter and another man were in the emergency row she yelled at them then told the man he must move because he didn't speak English. She did not speak to him so how would she know what he speaks? I spoke to him his English is fine. She was very rude and yelled at my daughter and this man several times. I tried to call customer care {they don't seem to care} but have been on hold over 30... More...
    ondreamorales's Picture   ondreamorales    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Waste Your $$$$

    I booked a $400 flight a month ago on this airline. Three days before my flight I noticed an error in my booking. When I called Allegiant today they informed me that it was impossible to modify my booking within ONE WEEK of departure because I didn't buy the TripFlex when I booked through Allegiant's website. They told me I have to forfit my entire flight. I have NEVER heard of such nonsense nor been told with such indifference to flush my $400 down the drain. Pathetic business. More...
    Karma144's Picture   Karma144    2 Comments   Comments
  • Alligent air

    So I got flight to Ohio and then we didn't go. The day I got my tickets the "trip flex" button was blacked out and I could not get added to my trip- so Michael had to help me at alligent. Well he didn't add it on- so I called to cancel and told them Michael was suppose to of added it. The lady I spoke to was RUDE TO ME MORELESS SAID TOUGH SHIT, no trip flex added! I asked for her supervisor, she said she didn't have one. After the call was over, I was getting ready to hang up and low and behold she didn't hang up on her end, so I started to record her... More...
    Buckeyebabe's Picture   Buckeyebabe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Baby's Car Seat

    My Grand daughter's baby Car seat was labeled with the correct airport code ( I always double check this) and it still arrived in Ilinois and was suppose to arrive in Texas...the seat will arrive in four days because Alegiant Airlines won't fly to Texas from Illinois until Thursday which is four days later from the Sunday flight my family arrived home on....baggage handlers really need to pay close attention to the airport labels on luggage, car seats, strollers etc....bad service. ( More...
  • Management is broken

    Allegiant? does it have a heart? Now that my head and heart have subsided from pain from the loss of my mother, i want to write this message to Allegiant due to the COLD BLOODED experience i received from this company.. I'm going to try to keep this short as if i write it in detail it will sadden me to no end. April, 29th my mother passed away in my arms A week later i called Allegiant as i will not be able to use some tickets i purchased Customer service agent advises me that there is no procedures on bereavement situations but she will ask management for special circumstances(... More...
    rommel's Picture   rommel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant airlines employees are rude

    Kim the "supervisor" is extremely rude. If that's really even her name or what she is. She was verbally abusive. I had a carry on as well as a purse, which I thought was allowed. My bad. Well kept telling me to shove it into one this which wasn't happening. Ended up paying $50 dollars. And then everyone else is waking on the plane with 2 bags, a purse and carry on just like me. But I was the only one who had to pick. If they have a rule the it should be followed. Kim shouldn't be able to pick and chose who she wants to give a hard time too. Well after I paid the... More...
    Cberton07's Picture   Cberton07    0 Comments   Comments
  • allegiant refused me to board the plane

    On May 8 2015 at the boarding of the plane I was told by an employee no one elese was getting on the plane.very unprofessional Icalled to voice my complaint was treated even worst.Never would I thought a airline would be so uncern about their going to do every and anything I can to get my refund even legal assistance MY name is PATRICK MOSES Itinerary #NO95502 allegiant sucks I WILL SPREAD THE WORD More...
    patm's Picture   patm    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Faith Airline

    we purchased tripflex in case my wife (who is stage IV cancer) was unable to fly. We cancelled the flight when she was hospitalized 2 days before the flight. I personally called and cancelled! The person I spoke with said that it might take a couple of steps, but she would take care of it. WRONG! They continue to deny responsibility, saying the flight was never cancelled. Of course, with a phone call, there is no way I can prove the cancellation was actually made. Will my family ever fly Allegiant again? NO WAY. We were not even asking for a refund--just credit toward another flight. More...
    springe8's Picture   springe8    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unreliable, unacceptable regs, zero customer service. Rip off alert

    I was in the travel business for a number of years and got to know Allegiant and some of their execs.Finally now that my daughter is off to the Univ of Oregon I have been looking forward to using them for their OAK-EUG route for the next 4.5 years both for her visits home and our visits there. Today was the first trip. After a couple of hour delay they cancelled the flight. Instead of actually canceling though they "rescheduled" it for 30 hours later (which means NO REFUNDS). Not only was our first trip to Eugene in flames but they wont reschedule. I can take the... More...
    drewcole's Picture   drewcole    0 Comments   Comments

    Absolute worst airline ever!! Never flown with them before. Booked 3 RT tix, totaling more than $1600!! Due to an unexpected medical emergency, the entire trip had to be canceled. I'm ok with a flat cancellation fee but, out of this $1600, all I received was $177 in flight vouchers!!!!!! So, over $1400 went into the pockets of CEO Maurice Gallagher, Jr., & CFO D. Scott Sheldon for NOTHING!! And they likely re-booked the seats to another purchaser! When I went to cancel on line, it told me I had to call and cancel, so I called and, guess what, had to pay $12 per person to... More...
    z28jan's Picture   z28jan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Clean the floor

    Discount airline offering discount service. I am a seasoned traveller and so are my children. We flew this airline because of the convenience of the airport to my mother as we were traveling because of my grandmothers death. Flight attendant handed me a garbage bag as I exited the lavatory with my five year old and told me to clean the "mess" off the floor left by my kids. There was NO MESS. A few crumbs perhaps that even an adult would leave if eating a cookie. Next thing you know, they are going to hand you a brush and tell you to clean the toilets. BTW, flew JetBLue 10... More...
    momofboys's Picture   momofboys    1 Comments   Comments
  • Luggage and terrible customer service

    I have spoken with two people form allegiant air to resolve my complaint. Both times were futile and left me in disbelief. I was price gauged for luggage at the airport, and told two of our bags were not carry ons---which they are they are kids luggage!! I paid $150 to check 3 bags ---ridiculous ! On the way home I checked them online $66. I wish to be reimbursed the $150-$66. I spoke with Marti and Kim Anderson ("supervisor"). I told them both that their airline had a terrible article written on them and I could understand why. both of them told me they were not surprised.... More...
  • Baggage Loss Claim

    I cannot get Allegiant Air to respond to or resolve the issue of my lost luggage, out of pocket expenses and damages caused by the neglect of their staff to tag my luggage and load it onto the plane. It has been almost 2 months and no one will return a call, answer a phone, or respond to a claim submitted within their designated time delivered to their corporate headquarters and signed for by their employee. More...
  • Allegiant Lost Luggage, and will not respond to claim filed

    On June 16, Allegiant Air staff at LAX neglected to tag or put my luggage on my flight. I had paid all the extra fees, and was two hours early for my flight at the airport to check in. For 8 days they would not call me back or provide any communication regarding my luggage at the airport, on line or via phone. I was left in severe snow and hail and rain conditions in Montana and Idaho with no clothes, not medication, no jacket, no toiletries, nothing. I was forced to spend money I did not have via credit card to buy what I needed for the spectrum of weather conditions we... More...
    laurabearer's Picture   laurabearer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Name Change IMPOSSIBLE

    I have booked a trip to Vegas for a friend of mine and I. She has been called away to active duty and obviously cannot make the trip. In contacting Allegiant to make a change to ONE ticket to someone else who could make the trip, they informed me they would not do so. I had to CANCEL and REBOOK, obviously resulting in more fees on both ends. I would be completely fine in paying the $75 fee or whatever it might be to make the change, simply to avoid to going through the hassle of rebooking. However, again I received no help whatsoever on something that is VERY easy for any airline to do.... More...
    mpopejoy's Picture   mpopejoy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant sucks!!!!! Customer service is horble

    I booked a flight for my husband for May 22, 2014, there where 2 tickets when I started and after I paid it changer to May 25 2014. I call allegiant as soon as they opened to see if the could change it or give us our $247.00 back and they said even tho it has been less than 24 hrs they can not refund the money because the flight THEY booked was less than a week and all that they can give me is a voucher to fly with them. I explained that he HAD to be there on Thursday and they did not care. So I called back to talk to a supervisor and the best pat is they said ....oh that will take 1--2... More...
    khintz212's Picture   khintz212    2 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud Airline

    My name is Martha Dietrich and booked a flight on Allegiant Airline which was originally priced for $628.94 however as I checked my itinerary I was charged for things I didn't ask for which made my total charge $727.94. I called them back and was refunded $121.00. But I figured that my charge was supposed to be only $605.94. So I think they are a fraud airline. They just add up prices as they see fit and you have to watch what they are adding on you. However right after I booked the flight I found out I have Cancer so I called them back and told of my diagnoses and didn't know if... More...
    Aubrey2013's Picture   Aubrey2013    1 Comments   Comments
  • Won't refund my booking fee of $605.00

    I made a reservation and a couple days later I found out I have Cancer and didn't know if I would have to have Chemo so I called the Airline and asked for a refund and the agent was uncaring and they would not give me a refund only a $189.99 voucher. I didn't want to lose all my money so I said I guess I would take the voucher and then my husband said we would just keep the original booking of $605.00 and the agent got rude and said it was too late and she said she didn't have anymore time to talk to me. We are senior citizens and on fixed income and another thing they were... More...
    Marti1936's Picture   Marti1936    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant ,Thanks for nothing

    My girlfriend has mental disability. She was flying to las Vegas ,I walked her thru securty line, she went in to wait for the flight but had to use the bathroom.She came out to find they shut the door to the Tarmac and,and would not let her board. She pleaded with them but NO! She was going to visit her daughter and new born granddaughter. She is heart broken. Allegiance answer FU, Tuff, Buy another round trip ticket ,in short FU. Hey allegiant FU go to hell and please go out of business soon! John Knox ,Monterey ca More...
    Thumper's Picture   Thumper    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad compagny

    Hello Last year I take a flight from Montreal to Las vegas and the plane was delay by 12 hours. Ok i understand and we have a rebate for another trip of 150$ for each passenger. This year i try to reclaim my voucher. Because you did not send me the number to apply I have to call. I was unable to reach the line. After reading blogs on internet I saw that there is a lot of people in my situation. I try to email you and I received automatic reply that it could take up to 60 days before receiving a reply. Hmmm I plan my next trip within 30 days. So I loose my confidence with you. I think if you... More...
    Ericpelletier's Picture   Ericpelletier    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    I purchased trip flex but the web site is not allowing me to make changes. I spent over 1 hour on hold to speak to someone. He seemed to not understand that the web site allows changes and said they have to be done through him so fine I will make the change through him but he says please hold and hangs up. I tried 2 more times to complete a call no luck. The site is telling me there are 4 more seats at this price for the flight I want to book. To me its border line fraud to take my money for trip flex and then make it impossible to change my flight in the mean time ringing up a large... More...
  • Allegiant Airlines Reservation error / Rude customer service

    I booked a flight on 2/15/14 for Tuesday March 25th. throughout the entire process it stated Tuesday March 25th, when I completed the purchase it changed the date to Wednesday March 26th. I have screen shots during the process that show it was Tuesday the 25th, as I thought possibly I changed something. There is no way you can change the date along the way without going entirely though the process again. So i did not "accidentally' change the date. I immediately called customer service. I was on hold for over an hour and half. My phone started dying so i had to terminate the call... More...
    dubsqueen's Picture   dubsqueen    1 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant

    We did not use the return flight for these three passengers due to the INCOMPETENCE of the airlines. NO FOOD was available for purchase during this direct flight from Spokane, WA to Honolulu HI on January 10, 2014. I contacted the Customer Service Department to be disrespected on the telephone by the agent for Allegiant. I DEMAND A VOUCHER for the return LEG of this trip. I have attempted to call for more than two weeks, and have not been able to stay on hold past the two hour mark, and the phone is disconnected from the Allegiant Airlines end of the call. HELP! Plase contact e for... More...

    Booked direct flight from Spokane, WA to Honolulu, HI in January 2014 for my two adult daughters and a 4yr old grandson. They were traumatized upon arrival, starving hungry and in tears due to the abuse by the Allegiant Air crew. We PREPAID EVERYTHING, seats, bags, everything my kids were going to need to be comfortable during the flight. NO FOOD was available for sale, not even snacks! water and fish crackers for a 7.5 hour flight that was scheduled for 5.5 hours. I tried to call Allegiant to complain, and to cancel the return flight since we had trip flex insurance. WE WERE DENIED... More...
    MauiDragonfly's Picture   MauiDragonfly    3 Comments   Comments

    This feedback is for Allegiant Airlines. My name is Ed I'am a semi retired electrical engineer. I myself purchased in excess of six round-trip tickets in 2013. This feedback is from six of us in my immediate circle. We have a lawyer a seasoned pharmacist insurance company owner graphics designer equipment service representative there are others. Here's our story. We like the low-fare small airport formula. We suffered through many of your startup and growth pains. As business owners we understand there will be challenges and corrections in any business. We had hoped that you would... More...
    EQUILLEN's Picture   EQUILLEN    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst flight experience ever

    I am APPALLED at the service, attitude, and manner at which your flight attendants and counter workers treated the passengers, including myself. This was my first flight with your company and will be my last. I will most certainly inform everyone I know of your unacceptable service. My flight from Oklahoma City to Sanford airport was wonderful. The return flight felt as if I was in a Nazi concentration camp, or the twilight zone!!! I felt abused, bullied, yelled at, the list goes on and on! Cory was the lady that was checking boarding passes. We got in line when our zone was called.... More...
  • Worst reservation experience ever

    Allegiant Airlines Just ripped me off AGAIN. I have never had a worse experience booking a flight. My "good price" turned out to be double and that doesn't begin to count the HOURS I spent trying to fix the fact that they charged me on Cyber Monday but never booked a flight for me. When they finally did book a flight that was supposed to be from Dec 16-20, they made it from Dec 16 to January 20th. And when I realized the mistake (which was made as I booked at the ticket counter with the manager, who also missed it) they charged me more than the original trip to fix it, even... More...
    sbarrt's Picture   sbarrt    2 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service Ever

    I want to start by saying out of my 24 years of life I have never gone out of my way to write a negative review before, that is how upset with Allegiant I am. I want to add my son to a flight, where he will be flying with my sister. First I spent 10 minutes trying to find the Customer "Service" number (which is not on their website, I found it on a third party Expedia clone) and I am told I have a 50 minute wait time. OK it's whatever at this point. I finally get to the representative, explain my situation and he hangs up on me! Did he do it on purpose? No way to ever know... More...
    toxicipon's Picture   toxicipon    0 Comments   Comments
  • lost gps

    return trip from Elmira n.y to Sanford, fl, my luggage was inspected in Elmira and when I got home my GPS was missing. it was either handled and missed placed or just plain stolen by the inspector. I have called 6 times the number to call and talked to a computer as no persons were available. left proper message and phone # for your response and so far have had none. what are you going to do about it. More...
    ernestrie's Picture   ernestrie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant Airlines are CROOKS

    I had to cancel a trip due to a death in the family. When I booked my flight, I had specifically checked the airlines cancellation policies, as I had never flown with Allegiant airlines before. I noted that if I had to cancel by a certain time prior to my flight, I would receive a voucher. Thinking that was fine, I booked. When I had to cancel the trip, the website would not let me cancel it - although I did receive a voucher for $30 credit for my luggage that WON'T EVEN BE GOING! (Isn't that nice) The customer service agent was extremely rude, and told me I can't... More...
    tahoedee2's Picture   tahoedee2    1 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant Lost another Loyal Customer Yesterday

    We have been flying Allegiant since they opened their first flight out of Greensboro, NC. We loved this airline. Have not been happy recently, as they charge for every little thing. Accepting this, we booked our recent flight, and followed their baggage charge protocol and to save $$ we paid for our "CARRY-ON" bags upon check in of our outbound flight. Printed our boarding passes and off we went last Thursday to Tampa/St. Pete. Easy, no problem. In haste yesterday, we left my daughter's without printing our boarding passes. We weren't concerned had plenty of time... More...
    Lkoslow's Picture   Lkoslow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant airlines!! NEVER AGAIN! Done giving them chances

    I've had three negative experiences with allegiant and I keep thinking maybe it will get better, NOPE! from delays, maintenance problems,to water truck backing into our plane I am done! We were delayed 4 hrs for our departure flight to Vegas because of mechanical issues. The flight gets to Vegas at 1am no biggy cause the city never sleeps right? So our return flight was scheduled for 530 but told to be there by 4 to get threw security. At 4:30 when our flight should be loading I decide to check the flight monitor and see that our flight now reads 8:50 pm. They have not an founded it so... More...
    Tayhammer08's Picture   Tayhammer08    0 Comments   Comments
  • I will never fly Allegiant Air again!

    I have nothing but ba things to say about allegiant and although I am an avid follower of "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." But this is the third bad experience out of three with them. I have never had a flight that was on time or even remotely close to being on time. There is always a delay and the tend to not even notify you. You sit and wait until its 2 hours past your scheduled departure with no information at all. I had an issue with a departure date and needed to change the date, I was told I would not receive any sort of... More...
    Jab32685's Picture   Jab32685    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service!

    Had an issue with my flight. Flight was supposed to be "there and back" in a week but the dates were mixed up during booking online and airline would not fix without us paying for a new flight. cost us another $380 payed twice basically to get back home. Even though they had many seats available on the date we needed to come back they refused. The take advantage of their customers. It's all about the money instead of customer service. Please....if you want an airline that truly has the customers best interest at heart, do NOT use this airline. All about the money... More...
    Broden415's Picture   Broden415    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allegiant Airlines - FAIL!

    Gate agent allowed drunk irate man to board plane. He had caused such a stir in the gate area. Of all the luck, he took MY seat...the seat I had paid $17 extra for! Well, Mr. Drunk Irate proceeded to flip out when I asked him if he was possibly in the wrong seat. He cursed, screamed and attempted to hit me. The wimpy flight attendants did nothing but quietly ask me to step aside (for 15 - 20 minutes) until everyone had boarded, so that they could find me a crappy seat. You cannot reach this airline on the phone. Put that out of your mind. They won't respond via twitter or... More...
  • Money making scam

    Alligiant Air is the one airline I will not fly again. I did not pay to book seats and so they pre-select your seats for you. I went in this morning to review check in and say that the whole side of the plane was available but that they pre-selected different rows for my minor daughter and I. What a load of crap. This is a money scam. I had to pay to get seats together. I didn't pre book seats as I really am not fussy where I sit, back, middle, front, doesn't matter but to have them book a minor in a different row?????? Come on, they know darn well what they are doing. This... More...
    sarahhannah's Picture   sarahhannah    1 Comments   Comments
  • Unbelievable

    I had a bad feeling about this airline when booking. Dealing with family emergency 36 hours before departure. Went to my account online and tried to cancel but the system would not allow me to do so! I used three different computers and was kicked off the site each time I selected the option to cancel my reservation. So, I called customer service and gave up after 45 minutes. I thought there had to be a problem with the phone system! I used the chat service and the rep said for me to call back at 'non-peak' times. I tried again tonight since the deadline is nearing for the... More...
    panthers1's Picture   panthers1    0 Comments   Comments

Allegiant Airlines Reviews By Product

Allegiant Airlines Comments

burntapple says: (4 years ago)
Our winter wonderland trip turned into a nightmare! We had a lot of pros with this airline, but several cons that may not bring us back. 1. Customer service wait times are 40+ minutes long. 2. Cancelled/delayed flights are frequent--like in every leg of our trip. Our flight out was cancelled and our flight back was delayed by several hours 3. Compensation for cancelled flights was insufficient. We received flight vouchers good for another flight when our flight was cancelled. There was no hotel, no offer to release our fare to other carriers, NOTHING. The ground staff was nice and the pilots were wonderful. On flight staff was courteous. Our actual flight experience was great.

Cristinastephens says: (4 years ago)
My boss asked me to add a wheelchair to her reservation. I just called and waited over 56 minutes before I spoke with a representative. I spoke with Rosy. I was told I couldn't add a wheelchair to her reservation because I am not on the reservation. Hello I am not modifying a flight schedule nor price. I just wanted to add a wheelchair. When I told her I would try to call back later with the information she asked me for; she just hung up the phone. I believe that Allegiant has he worst customer service representatives. They really need to be trained. If someone is not happy at their job don't take it out on a customer.

billbob says: (4 years ago)
Customer service??????? What was that joke about making the mule laugh???? not such thing there (well-maybe DIS- service)-I had/have a valid voucher for $110, and they made it impossible for me to redeem it on a flight I bought a week ago----on top of that, they made sure to make my experience at trying to get this matter straightened out a MISERABLE one-----no big surprise if someday "going Allegiant" will be right up there with "going postal"

fedupamericanwoman says: (4 years ago)
Terrible discrimination experience Lets all get together for a class action law suit and shut this airline down! Seriously people we should prevent this airline from causing any more distress to future passengers.
Airline violates many policies and we have a good case!

OutragedAirTraveler says: (5 years ago)
I will never pay money to fly on this airline again. I experienced HORRIBLE customer service and downright thievery by this airline. I purchased Trip Flex only to be told when I had to change my tickets that I had to PAY more money for a new flight that netted out to be CHEAPER than the ticket I had already purchased. Because one LEG of the flight was more expensive (by $46) and one leg of the flight was cheaper (by approximately $80), they refused to refund me the money of the cheaper leg but required that I pay MORE for the more expensive leg. (The net refund should have been around $40.) Allegiant is a CROOK and I found out all of this after being on hold for 1 HOUR and 25 minutes and being hung up on twice before then when I called. Changing my flight online was not an option because the website, surprise surprise, was trying to give travelers a CREDIT for the cheaper flights. Apparently the computer has more integrity than human beings. Furthermore, their so called Terms and Conditions that I have been reading is the basis for all their HORRIBLE examples of customer service, does NOT support this claim where a person must pay more money when a LEG of a trip is more expensive. I rightly deserved a refund, or at least an even transfer for my new trip dates, but I was BULLIED into paying more for a flight that should have been covered by Trip Flex. Pathetic. Scummy. Low Integrity. Scheming. So many ways to describe this airline. Most of all it is all just shameful. Especially the reps that continue to support this horrible example of customer service.

jordans15 says: (5 years ago)
I recently returned from a trip down to Florida originating from Niagara Falls, NY over the holidays. I had chosen Allegiant as my airline of choice based on word of mouth recommendation from a family member (whom I was visiting in Naples, Florida). I am very disappointed to say that I regret having ever chosen to fly with Allegiant. Our (my girlfriend and I) flight was scheduled to depart from Niagara Falls IAG airport at 11:57 am on December 23, 2013. We arrived early only to find out (without prior notification) that our flight had been delayed by an hour. We purchased food at the airport cafe while we waited. Around 12:30 pm we were told that the plane was being rerouted to Ohio due to poor visibility and that our flight would be further delayed. Whereas our plane did not arrive and start unloading until 3:30 pm, we had to wait a further 2 hours before boarding at 5:30 pm due to outstanding paperwork on the plane. This is after a notification email at 3:07 pm said that we would be departing at 3:15 pm. We did not receive timely or detailed updates during this 5.5 hour delay and any questions directed towards the representative were fielded evasively. In addition, for the full duration of this ridiculous delay, Allegiant offered only limited cups of pop and water to the passengers at 10:30 am and had run out by 11:00 am. Furthermore, security closed down at 12:40 pm and remained closed until 5:00 pm so that passengers could not enter/exit. Not knowing when our flight was going to depart, passengers including ourselves were forced to purchase food and beverages multiple times from the airport cafe and vending machines. When we finally did take off at 6:15 pm (over 6 hours later than our scheduled departure), we were offered complimentary snacks and beverages on the flight. However, these were not served until 7:30 pm and our only options were Skittles or Chex Mix and a cup of juice or pop. We were also reminded at the end of our flight that this complimentary snack service was a bonus to compensate for our delay and would not be provided in the future. As a recap: between our check-in at 10:30 am and our arrival in Florida at 9:15 pm (a duration of almost 11 hours), we were given 2 cups of pop/juice/water, and a small cup of Skittles/Chex Mix. This delay cost us over 10% of our 5 day vacation in Florida, and I also would have worked instead of taking the day off had I known that I would be sitting in the airport for the entire workday.
Being an optimist, I had hoped that our return trip would be redeeming for Allegiant; however, I was once again disappointed. Our return flight from Punta Gorda (PGD) to Niagara Falls (IAG) on Sat. Dec. 28 was scheduled for 3:30 pm. We had repeatedly checked online for delays before making the 1 hour drive from Naples to Punta Gorda and arrived at the airport at 1:30 pm only to be notified by the check-in counter that our flight had been cancelled. When asked for the reason of the cancellation, the clerk said that there was a crew shortage. This was very short notice, especially since Allegiant asks that passengers arrive 2 hours ahead of their scheduled departure time AND claims to give 24 hours notice for any flight cancellations. We were also told that our flight would be rescheduled but it could be anytime the next day, so we had to be on standby at all times. In addition, I was scheduled to work a 12 hour shift the next day (which I couldn't), so I had now missed out on 2 days of work and 2 days of pay. Although Allegiant texts passengers rescheduled flight times, they only text U.S. numbers, and as Canadians we, and many other passengers, were unable to use this service. With this in mind, we had to spend our last day in Florida repeatedly checking our flight status online and waiting for our rescheduled flight. Unfortunately, the flight status was not updated until after midnight and we did not receive any notification until 12:55 am. This is again very short notice. Our flight had been rescheduled to 1:44 pm on Sun. Dec. 29, so once again, we repurchased food for the flight and drove another hour from Naples to Punta Gorda. Prior to boarding (at 1:25 pm), we were told by the representative that since the chartered plane had a different seating plan than the regular Allegiant planes, passengers can seat themselves anywhere regardless of whether they paid extra and preordered seats or not. This was very disappointing as we had paid extra to preorder seats and this seemed like an awful waste of money now. In addition, upon going to the restroom on the plane I was shocked to find that there was no running water in the washroom and we could not wash our hands. Once again, we were offered no compensation for the inconvenience of having our flight cancelled beyond a small bag of pretzels and a bottle of water. These were the biggest problems, I did not have the energy to write everything...

meaganf2009 says: (5 years ago)
Allegiant air lost my checked luggage on my flight 11 days ago...... They found it 10 days ago but are apparently too lazy to deliver it to me or even give me any answers as to when I will receive it or where it has been this whole time. I cannot believe the complete lack of customer service and action on the part of this airline. I have flown many times with allegiant over the past 5 years and I will never fly with them again. Ever.
11 days to return my lost bag......ridiculous!!!!!

cw987 says: (5 years ago)
I booked a flight to travel to Fort Lauderdale Florida. I read the fine print which
Decievingly said you could change the time or cancel within 1 week from . Don't believe this, it is bad marketing. When I had to move my flight up 1 week I was charged $80.00.
Then when I had to cancel, I was charged $319.00 with a $100.00 voucher to
Their airline. So I am Paying over $200.00 for NOTHING.
Southwest is a much better airline in so many ways. No fees for changes,
Funny attedants, nice planes, Good pilots, pleasant employees.
I have flown with Alegiant many times from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale. I have been crowded in small planes, I've seen stewardesses being rude to families with kids, I have been forced to check in bags with additional charges.
I will try to choose a different airline.

cheatedandliedto says: (5 years ago)
I will never fly Allegiant Airlines again. I booked a ticket and a rental car via the internet. It clearly states in bold print next to the size car I chose that and this a quote "$862.48 per person Included Flight + Car (inc taxes & fees)$862.48. This was only next to the size vehicle I chose and not next to the other size vehicles. when I picked up my car I was told taxes and fees were for the airline ticket only and charged HUNDREDS of dollars in taxes and fees on the car. Of course there was no one available at the airport to talk about this with and I still have been unable to talk to anyone with any authority to resolve this issue. The people I have talked to have been rude and uncaring. It clearly states in bold print on the front page that this is the total price for both car and airline and that taxes and fees are included. the rental agent pointed out to me the TINY print on a back page that says taxes and fees are additional. this is at best inconsistent and at worse blantant false advertisement. I feel lied to and cheated and Allegiant Air doesn't care at all

Mshaffer84 says: (5 years ago)
I've been had by Allegiant air! On my way from South Bend to Punta Gorda, Florida we were delayed a bit over 3 hours. The explanation by the captian was that they had a drunken passenger that refused to leave the plane earlier in the day. They assured us that they almost never have a delay and it was very rare and blah blah blah... On our way home 5 days later we were told there was another 3 hour delay, (or so they said it would be 3 hours, however the flight that was supposed to depart at 3pm didn't take off until almost 8:30! This was the second chance and they blew it majorly. A couple years ago flying home from Las Vegas I was told by the agent at the counter that since we were not a the airport 2 hours prior to flight that I was not able to make the flight and he would not that me board (or any other member of my party) even though we were there an hour before. I'm done with you for good, Allegiant!

my3csons says: (6 years ago)
My son and I left from Toledo to St. Petersburg, saved up for this vacation because we haven't went on a vacation for along time. So when we got on the plane from the start we had such a nasty employee. Why she wants a job on the fight is beyond me. She was not vary helpful, asked her any kind of question was vary RUDE! This was my sons first time fighting and I haven't flown over 26 years. I remember when I flew when I was a kid, everyone was real nice and explaine everything, but not this employee going over the safety stuff, she really didn't do it. This makes me not want to fight again.

niafoxx says: (6 years ago)
Allegiant told me I forfeited my flight after my car broke down and I missed my flight. I spent $1083 and I was told they would give me a $364 voucher for their airline use only.

marmott12 says: (8 years ago)
We are very pleased with allegiant airlines.
Four of us have just flown from colo spgs colo to
Las Vegas.Thank you to everyone, for being so nice.

captain1 says: (9 years ago)
My family and I were going to a relative's wedding, and the day before our departure I received a called fromy doctor will the bad results of a biopsy and his recomendation to start right away an agressive treatment. My husband, children and I were crusial parts of the wedding but due to my doctor's orders I had to cancell our trip and start my treatment right away. I contacted Allegiant and explaint to "customer service" my unique and devasteting circumstances and requested a reimbursment of our money since I had to cover medical deductivals and other expences and the only reason we were traveling was because of the wedding we were no longer taking part of. I have never experience such lack of coldnest, people giving me the run around, trating me like I was dishonest, and simply draging things along so that I would get frustrated and just give up. On top of the physical and emotional tragedy and going through now this company is putting me through hell because they refusse to return my money that I so desperatelly need for my medical expenceses. I hope whoever is behind it gets to experiment what i'm going through and has to doing with some one like him/her and feel how I feel.

TLCFLA says: (10 years ago)
Horrible airline! Technologically challenged, rude airport staff, unreachable - will not disclose corporate office - can't speak to management. President was a founder of ValuJet. Remember what happened to them?

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